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The Green Agro constructs high-tech turnkey greenhouses for year-round cultivation, produced in a sustainable manner regarding people, profit and planet. -. We have gained extensive knowledge and experience implementing the most complex and large-scale projects.

Our company provides a process which begins with selecting a greenhouse culture, carrying out the technical and financial analysis, making a forecast of the yield, the required capital, and the operating costs. We are responsible for producing the design, supplying the equipment and undertaking the construction process but, most importantly, our role does not end with the commissioning of your greenhouse; it has just begun. We provide management and agronomic support for your company. It makes GreenAgro Projects your partner for the long term!

The execution of your greenhouse project aims to achieve the maximum profit and yield from your greenhouse. Our company has all competences necessary to carry out greenhouse projects from A to Z, the so-called “turnkey” projects.

GreenAgro is your reliable partner in the realization of greenhouses.