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Gutter Substrate Cultivation

Because of the advance of closed growing, cultivation in gutters has been revolutionised. In many cases, 100 % closed growing is even a fundamental environmental requirement. China green agro crop gutters system enable you to meet all those requirements.Agro Crop Gutter CG8066 can isolate the ground and substrate, cut off the transmission of soil-borne diseases, and guide the excess nutrient into the recycling and reuse system.

Perfectly suitable for large-scale and efficient production of soilless cultivation,specially for Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper.

  •   We supply and produce your gutters on location,tailored to your specific crop
  •   Tube rail brackets perfect support for your heating tubes
  •  Guaranteed stability, safety and durability of your tube rail system
  •  Suspension and support materials. We offer you a comprehensive and extensive range of suspension and support materials. These include, for instance, gutter brackets, fitting materials, stretching pieces, drip hose hooks and wall building materials.
  •   Internal transport. 


  •  Less opportunities for diseases and pests to develop
  •  Reuse of drainage water and fertilisers
  •  The water cycle is the same for all plants
  •  Optimum air circulation through the crop
  •  Better control of plant growth
  •  Increased labour productivity
  •  Improved working conditions by working at the correct height