China Green Agro visits Britain at the invitation of NTU
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China Green Agro Automated NFT planting system was exhibited in the British Pavilion at the 2019 Beijing Horti Fair in June, and received high praise. On December 8, 2019, at the invitation of Nottingham Trent University, 5 people from China Green Agro arrived in the UK for business visit

Under the recommendation of Professor Lu of NTU University, China Green Agro started with friendly talks with the Department of International Trade (DIT). China Green Agro briefly introduced the research and development and achievements of the greenhouse project and the automated planting system. Gerry and Fan of DIT expressed that they are looking forward to introducing China Green Agro new automated planting technology to the UK. Gerry gave a detailed introduction to the current farming and importing of fruits and vegetables in the UK. He pointed out that the current fruits and vegetable products in the UK are heavily dependent on imports.

According to Gerry, the UK is vigorously developing Vertical Farming. It has invested 90 million pounds to support the wide-scale adoption of innovation, technologies, and skills in the food and farming supply chain, and plans to invest over 400 million pounds in agri-related research each year. At the same time, it specializes in establishing Agri-Tech Organisation in DIT to promote foreign trade and inward investment in R&D and Agri-Tech companies. In addition, Gerry and Fan provided detailed answers to the policy questions raised by China Green Agro on China-British cooperation.

In order to better understand the local fruit and vegetable market in the UK, China Green Agro visited large supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Sainburessy & Argos, etc., and had a more direct understanding of the local fruit and vegetable prices, sales conditions, packaging requirements, etc.

China Green Agro paid an in-depth visit to Brackenhurst campus, city campus, Clifton campus of Nottingham Trent University. On Brackenhurst campus, China Green Agro visited the glass greenhouse and container plant factory of the campus and carried out a very productive meeting with the dean of the college. In the meeting, Dean Robert highly praised the China Green Agro Greenhouse Project and expressed a strong interest in its automated planting system. He hoped to work together to build a new scientific research laboratory, set up special scholarships, jointly recruit students, and jointly cultivate high-end agricultural technical talents.

In the City campus, China Green Agro team conducted an in-depth discussion on cooperation issues with the NTU principal and management team. In particular, the two sides put forward constructive suggestions on how to set up a laboratory, and gave guidance for the subsequent specific work.

On the Clifton campus, China Green Agro visited NTU's robotics and AI laboratory and exchanged their research directions and results with their researchers. Dr. Pedro expressed strong interest in China Green Agro automated NFT planting system and hoped to work together to apply robotics, AI, big data and other technologies to the agricultural field.

During this inspection, China Green Agro learned about the macro agricultural situation in the UK, cooperation policies, and initially visited the fruit and vegetable sales terminal market, deepened the friendly long-term cooperative relationship with NTU, and laid a solid foundation for opening up the UK and European markets.